Connected by Boniface.

Saint Boniface was born in Crediton, murdered in 754 or 755 near Dokkum and buried in Fulda.
The relationship between the three St. Boniface-cities Crediton, Dokkum and Fulda is therefore very obvious.

On behalf of the citizens of Dokkum a friendship committee "Vriendschapscomité" was founded on November 20, 2002, with delegates from sport, culture, schools, churches and the Rotary.

Not just the civil bonds were reinforced. The contacts between the citizens of Dokkum, Fulda and Crediton intensified thanks to the hard work of the volunteers of the friendship-committees of the three cities.


Dokkum, the Dutch Boniface-town, is also the most northern town of the Netherlands. Once, Dokkum was nothing more than a couple of cottages and tents at the crossways of some land- and waterways.

In 754 or 755 Dokkum gained significance by the murder of the approximately 84 year old missonary Boniface. It is imaginable that this was the reason for the formation of the town of Dokkum. To many Christians, Dokkum became a place of pilgrimage, with the Boniface-well and the monastery in the heart of the town as well as the church serving as attractions for believers coming to the city from all over the world.


he English Boniface-city is Crediton, where Boniface was born in the year 680 as "Winfrith".

Crediton is part of county Devon, in the south of England and was founded, when a monastery was build in the 8th century.

During the centuries, Crediton became a market-town, and is definitely worth visiting. Besides from being a market-town, Crediton is the ideal place to start a trip to the "Dartmoor National Park" or for discovering the wild nature of "Exmoor".


The German Boniface-city Fulda lies in central Germany, approximately 100 kilometres north-east of Frankfurt. The city has about 60.000 inhabitants and is mainly known for its wonderful baroque-buildings, of which the "Dom" is very famous.
The tomb of Saint Boniface is situated inside the cathedral.

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